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20th July 2017
This motto is what makes JSib the best business insurance brokers in KZN
3rd August 2017

I have one question to ask you.


There are many things that make up who you are. Your personality, where you’re from, the people you spend most time with, the people you choose to communicate to, the language(s) you speak, the way you process information, your occupation, the things you love, your hobbies, dreams and goals, all your experiences, and—the person you fall in love with. All these aspects form you, guide you to and are a part of your purpose. And if you don’t know who you are, then how can you truly know your purpose? Without a purpose, many of us feel useless; as if we’ve wandering Earth without making a difference. The same goes for businesses both big and small.

Now, what many companies/brands do, is base the core of their company on what they do (their service or product), not actually who they are. One of the problems of doing this is that markets are ever changing and so, their demands and needs will change with every trend, every season and so on. If a market no longer needs your product or service (you), then it’s likely that your brand will crumble. But, if your services and products are a means to achieve your purpose rather than the core of your brand, then you get to decide what service is best to achieve this purpose.

Another issue companies will face when basing their brands on their products is that they will never fully understand who they are. In other words, they’ll never truly know their significance. Such companies tend to forget that their corporation was once a very small seed, and they have a propensity to neglect that seed being the essence of who they are. These businesses get so carried away with finding a need in a market that they lose sight of their true purpose. Sadly, they exchange who they are for instant dollar. They trade their purpose for sales.

If this is the case with you, then I’m 99.9% sure that the main objective or purpose of your brand has changed from what is was intensionally created for, and is now in the pursuit of making a big, fat profit. If you find this in someways true, I’m not here to ride on your guilt or tell you that you should hang up your gloves. I’d like to help you return to the original you.

Having money at the centre doesn’t make your brand unique. If anything, it makes you just like all the others.

Over the next 7 weeks, I’m going to show you how to discover that seed and get back to your roots. This is important, because your business will never be a company that changes the world for better, neither will it leave a legacy greater than itself if its purpose is money driven. Why is this? Well, there are many reasons, but for one, you’ll end up taking any route, regardless of how much corruption is embedded in that path, to achieve your goals.

At Jerome Schofield cc insurance brokers (JSib), we believe that a profit is achieved through the pursuit of a greater purpose, and a handsome profit is earned when doing that purpose well. We also believe that profits should then be spent on achieving the purpose.

Remember, the essence of who you are should be parallel to your purpose. It should drive it and edify it.

A business that believes the same would have a business model that looks similar to this. (This is a very, very basic business model. They can become very complicated, so let’s not confuse things.)

This shows how the essence and purpose creates profit and how that profit is then used to achieve the brand’s purpose.

Next week, I’ll discuss a brand’s essence and how it’ll drive your business into your purpose.



Published by Candice Leigh King


We discovered that there was an ongoing cycle of trauma occurring that would cause major setbacks in businesses, and quite simply we didn’t enjoy seeing individuals suffering as greatly as they were especially after paying a monthly premium. We realised we could deliver a service that would change the outcome of a catastrophe by ensuring an impartial claim. JSib is a noble brokerage founded on the idea of a normal business day even after devastation occurs.