What to take and what not to take on your Thailand adventure

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It’s true. Thailand is a great travel destination, and it’s no wonder. Somewhere between the frenzy food markets, great accommodation and tropical sunshine you’ll discover why it’s been on most bucket lists for the past 60-years.

Many backpackers and travellers start their world adventures in Thailand, but this blog isn’t for the advanced traveller. This blog is for the tourist. The #TravelCouples, the happy family, the one seeking a little time out and a little holiday getaway. And in this blog, I’m going to share with you the Thailand essentials and the things that won’t ruin your holiday if you forget to pack them or decided not to pack them at all.

So, for those of you going to Thailand, it’s important to go empty handed. Yes, you heard me empty handed! Apart from your passport and dollars, there isn’t much one needs other than clothes, of course, slops and takkies. Far too often, people over pack and they end up dragging along this oversized bag on busy city streets.

So, here are 3 things you mustn’t forget to pack and 2 things you don’t have to worry about.


What you must pack:

 Suntan lotion

Although Thailand is fairly cheap, sunblock/suntan lotion is NOT! You’ll easily spend R500 on a bottle of suntan lotion if you forget to pack yours. Also, it can be quite difficult to find it in stores and markets. You’ll have to go to a shopping mall (if there is one in the area) or look in odd places.


Travel Insurance

You can never go wrong taking travel insurance along with you. For the amount of cover you get, travel insurance isn’t expensive as it doesn’t only cover medical expenses and trip cancelation, but it also covers lost luggage, delayed flights, legal liability and much more. To give you an idea of travel insurance prices, you can pay around R735 for a family of 5 for an 8-day holiday. That R735 can save you up to R50 million in unforeseen circumstances.


Mosquito repellent

Like the suntan lotion, mosquito repellent can be very expensive as most of it is imported. Many hotels and B&Bs have mosquito nets covering the beds, but it’s the walking around that will drive you crazy especially if you’re visiting cities and towns in Northern Thailand like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Anything place with thick vegetation, humidity and trapped water is a mosquito’s hideout, and that’s inland Thailand for you.

Now that you have the essentials,

What you shouldn’t pack


“What?! I shouldn’t pack a bikini?”

Unless you have your absolute favourite bathing suit that you never go swimming without, then don’t take it. Yes, Thailand is a beach holiday (to most), and that’s why you shouldn’t buy a new one. Like any beach resort, there is always 100 beach shops in town. The same goes here; around every corner on the coast of Thailand is a swimwear shop and not just any, but many that are great and full of the trendiest, latest and cheapest swimwear. Chances are, you’ll end up having to leave some clothes behind in order to make space for all your new bathing suits.


You aren’t going to need a beach towel or a bath towel. Every hotel, B&B, backpacker and homestay has a towel for you. It’s not a problem using your towel for swimming or getting a swimming towel at the reception. Besides, there’s nothing worse than hauling around a wet towel, that’s only wet, because you didn’t want to feel as though you brought it for nothing.



Published by Candice Leigh King

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