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6th December 2017
Insurance for Firecracker Damage
28th December 2017

On Sunday, I’m sure many of you will be lighting those fireworks as the clock strikes 12. There’s no doubt that the vibrant lights are splendorous, but there are ways to partake in the New Year Eve’s tradition of launching explosives into the sky that are safe and necessary.

If you plan on using fireworks on 31st December, here are a few safety tips from National Council on Fireworks Safety, the American Pyrotechnics Association, and the NFPA:

  1. Obey the local laws of using firecrackers. Don’t use fireworks that are illegal.
  2. Read the cautionary and “how to” labels before igniting.
  3. Alcohol and firecrackers don’t mix well. Rather save your drink until after the show.
  4. Keep your pets away from the explosives. Many pets have attacked or played with the firecracker once they were ignited resulting in it exploding in their mouths. Pets also have sensitive hearing and the noise can hurt them.
  5. Fireworks MUST be supervised by adults. Never give them to children to ignite. Every year children lose fingers in firework accidents, and even sparklers can burn at up to over 600°C.
  6. Throwing or pointing fireworks at people and objects, houses and cars is a big NO. Be sure other adults, children, animals and objects are out of range before lighting them.
  7. Avoid lighting fireworks on dry grass, veldt or in containers, and don’t ignite them indoors.
  8. Just in case, keep a jug of water or hosepipe nearby. If you have a fire extinguisher; even better.
  9. Drop used fireworks into a bucket of water, as the heat can still cause plastic to melt and catch on fire, or cause other objects to ignite.
  10. Trim vegetation that could cause a fire problem, and look out for tree limbs that could catch fire.
  11. Clean gutters that have accumulated leaves, pine needles and other flammable material, as sparks do fly in all directions. There has been a few cases of houses catching on fire due to sparks contacting full gutters.
  12. It’s always a good idea to let neighbours know when you’re going away. Ask them to keep an eye on your house if fireworks are being used by other neighbours.
  13. Lastly, to safeguard your finances, have your broker reassess your home to make sure to have the right amount and the right type of insurance.
Published by Candice Leigh King

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